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The Netherlands
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Frequently Asked Questions

Payment and charges
Rules and restrictions


Q: Where should we go to check in and get keys?
A: Upon arrival, ring the door bell to the left of the blue green garage door by Lijnbaansgracht 114.

Q: How early can we check in?
A: The apartments will be cleaned and ready for check-in by 4pm unless otherwise agreed. In any case, please let us know when you will arrive.

Q: Do we need to bring our own linens, blankets, or towels?
A: No, all bedding and towels are provided.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?
A: Please see our "Rates" page. http://www.canalapartments.com/rates.html

Q: What does it mean when it says that apartments 113-3 and 115 have 2 Singles or 1 King size bed?
A: The king size bed consists of two single beds. By default they are prepared as two single beds, but on request they can be prepared as one king. Please let us know if this is your preference.

Q: How many keys can we be provided?
A: Up to 3 sets for each apartment.

Payment and charges

Q: Are there any extra or "hidden" charges?
A: No.

Q: When do we need to pay the final balance?
A: Before or during the stay, no later than two days prior to departure.

Q: Do you accept U.S. Dollars, other currencies?
A: We prefer Euros, but will accept any hard currency at the rates given by www.x-rates.com at the day of payment + 2.8% commission.

Q: How does the billing work for internet access?
A: Internet access if included.

Q: How does the billing work for the telephone?
A: Local and free calls (0800 and 00800 numbers) are included.

Q: I would like to pay the balance with paypal, can I wait until I arrive?
A: Yes.

Q: Do you have long term discounts?
A: For stays > 1 week, every 7th day is free.
For stays > 4 weeks, every 4th week is free.
For stays > 4 months, you a receive 50% discount off the daily price, but no other discounts apply.


Q: How far is it to:
-Tram stop? 30 meters/yards away from front door (30 seconds).
-Airport? 15-20 minutes with Cab (allow more during rush hour). See www.canalapartments.com/directions.html for details.
-Central station? 20 minute walk, 5-10 minutes with taxi or tram (line 6, 10, or 17). See www.canalapartments.com/directions.html for details.
-Leidseplein? 10-15 minute walk or 2 tram stops with line 6 or 10 (5 minutes).
-Dam square? 10-15 minute walk or 2 tram stops with line 6, 13, or 17 (5 minutes).
-Rijksmuseum? 15-20 minute walk or 4 tram stops with line 10 (5 minutes).
-Van Gogh museum? 15-20 minute walk or 4 tram stops with line 6 or 10 (7 minutes).
-Stedelijk museum? 15-20 minute walk or 4 tram stops with line 6 or 10 (7 minutes).
-Anne Frank House? 5-7 minute walk or 1 tram stop with line 6, 13, 17 (2-3 minutes).
-Nearest grocery or convenience store? There's a mini-mart 3 minute walk away called Sterk - they have most of the things a super market has and is open till 1 am.
-Nearest coffee shop? Eerste Hulp ("First Aid") is located 1 minute away, across the bridge to the left @ Marnixstraat 194


Q: Do you have...
-internet hookup for laptops? How is it configured? Yes - some rooms have separate wired (Ethernet/RJ-45) and/or wireless (802.11b) connections. For the others, use the cable connected to the supplied computer. All are configured for DHCP (automatic assignment of connection properties)
-bicycles for guest use? There is a bike rental around ther corner (on Bloemgracht)
-a boat for guest use? We know the cool boat people. Just ask.
-100/110 volt supply? Ask us for a converter.
-washer/dryer? A: Only 113-1 does, but there are laundromats nearby?
-a telephone with an incoming number? All rooms have an incoming number. Ask.
-a baby crib? Yes, ask.
-wheelchair access? Unfortunately not. The steep and rather narrow stairs so common in Amsterdam architecture makes access especially difficult and none of the apartments are on the ground floor. Although 114 does have an elevator, it is too small for a large chair, though a compact chair would fit.

Q: What is in the fridge when we arrive?
-We don't stock our fridges, but if you have a request, please let us know.

Rules and restrictions

Q: Do you allow...
-pets? Dogs might be an issue as we already have two cats. It doesn't hurt to ask though.
-smoking? Any organic matter that pleases you may be inhaled and exhaled at your own risk...
-guests? Your guests are our guests, though this is obviously not intended as a substitute for paying.

"Be kind and considerate of others, otherwise you may do as you please"